DirtBikes.com 2017 Holiday Gift Guide — Gifts Priced $50-100

Our DirtBikes.com 2017 Holiday Gift Guide installment grabs second gear with gifts priced $50-$100. Cool stuff for men, women and children too!

Welcome to DirtBikes.com’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring gifts priced $50-100. Here’s a look at 10 more great holiday gift ideas that cost just a little more than the items on our Gifts Priced Under $50 list.

10. Thor Guardian Women’s Chest Protector, $79.95
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Some riding gear companies recognize that there is a difference between the male and female physique, and Thor Racing addresses the needs of females with its Guardian Women’s Chest Protector. The lightweight and durable Guardian’s unique construction includes a pressure fit molded comfort liner system for a smooth inner chassis that is claimed to provide maximum comfort for her. An adjustable waist buckle closure system helps to tailor the fit of the Guardian, which is form-fitted just for women. A stone shield with energy-dispersing panels and a Level 1 back protector help to minimize impact energy transmission to the upper torso, while strategically placed ventilation ports help to keep her cool in hot wather. The Guardian’s shoulder guards are addjustable, and the biceps guards are adjustable and removable. The Guardian packs a lot of value in the Gifts Priced $50-100 category here.

9. Leatt 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee Guard, $99.00
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We’re still surprised to see how many riders don’t wear knee guards when riding their dirtbikes, so we wanted to make sure that our Gifts Priced $50-100 list contained at least one example of these critical pieces of riding gear. Leatt’s 3DF Hybrid EXT Knee Guard fit the bill, combining the comfort of soft and hard textiles in a hybrid knee and shin guard with the benefit of extended length. The Hybrid EXT builds on Leatt’s 3DF AirFit protection range via additional deflecting hard shell areas for extra protection on the shins. The 3DF AirFit uses soft, ventilated impact foam that is flexible in its natural state but instantly transforms into a hard, energy absorbing substance upon impact. The Hybrid EXT incorporates 3DF impact absorbing material in the knee area of the guard. The Hybrid EXT boasts a slim profile and silicone-printed and adjustable non-slip cuffs help keep the guards in place. Available here.

8. Torc1 Vengeance Flex Front Brake Lever, $59.99
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Folding levers are a good idea, especially if you crash a lot. So don’t be afraid to ask Santa to stuff a Torc1 Vengeance front brake lever into your stocking. These durable levers are constructed of CNC-machined 6061 billet aluminum for both the “knee” pivot and the lever blade, with a built-in stainless steel pivot mechanism for added strength, yet they are designed to “fold” on impact, preventing lever breakage. Torc1 claims that the Vengeance levers are manufactured to tight tolerances to work with OEM perch assemblies and boots, and the the levers are adjustable for various hand sizes. Each Torc1 Vengeance lever comes with one colored lever and a spare black lever. Torc1 Vengeance levers are available in a variety of colors to match most popular dirtbikes. Available here.

7. VonZipper Fasthouse Limited Edition MX Goggle, $90.00
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Fashion apparel manufacturer VonZipper and moto lifestyle company Fasthouse both make our Gifts Priced $50-100 list, thanks to their collaboration on a limited edition version of VonZipper’s Bushwick MX Google. The Bushwick features a thermo-polyurethane injected-molded frame fitted with a dual cylindrical lens that is claimed to offer crystal clear vision as well as extended peripheral vision with 100-percent UV protection. The goggle frame features extended outriggers for good helmet fit without frame distortion, and the interior features moisture-wicking, Polor fleece-lined, quad-density, oversized face foam. A dual-adjustable, silicone-lined strap provides plenty of traction on the rider’s helmet. The goggle comes in a dual sleeve microfiber bag and includes a bonus clear lens.

6. Answer Terra-X Mini Deflector (Youth), $89.95
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When it comes to protecting kids from upper body injuries, Answer claims that its Terra-X Mini Roost Deflector is packed with cutting edge innovation, useful features and superior adjustability. Designed to pass the CE safety standards, the injection-molded plastic Terra-X features side body flank protection, a thermo-formed Bio-foam interior padding, adjustable shoulder straps and a removable back plate that is capable of carrying the rider’s name and number. The Terra-X promises a slim, comfortable and fully adjustable fit. Beveled air-flow intakes offer excellent cooling. Available here.

5. AXO Racing Jr. Hoodie (Youth), $50.00
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Junior can look trick at the track or cool in school while wearing AXO Racing’s Jr. Hoodie, which is almost priced too low to make our Gifts Priced $50-100 list. The AXO Racing Jr Hoodie is a great way to show support for AXO brand while staying warm! The dirt bike hoodie is made out of 100-percent cotton for comfort and durability, and the hood is lined with extra insulation that is claimed to keep the head and neck warm in cold weather. The AXO Racing Jr. Hoodie hoodie comes in grey/blue and sports a sleek AXO logo on the chest. It is available in youth sizes S-XL.

4. Tusk Adjustable Lift Stand, $59.99
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If you don’t mind the back-breaking strain of hoisting your dirtibike on and off a stand or milk crate, then don’t even think about buying a Tusk Adjustable Lift Stand. For the rest of us–especially if our height is more elf than Santa, the durable steel stand is well worth its economical MSRP, which comes in at just a few bucks more than a regular stand. The difference is that the stable, wide-based Tusk stand features a teflon bushing-equpped lever that allow the lifting of your dirtbike by simply depressing on it with your foot. What could be simpler? The stand’s anti-slip rubber top measures 9″ x 11 3/4″, and its lowered and lifted heights are adjustable from 9″ to 17.5″. Available here.

3. Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag, $64.99
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Having a good fender-mounted tool bag can be beneficial if you don’t want to carry a heavy fanny pack or backpack on your person. The Wolfman Enduro Tool Bag is one such bag, and it’s designed to be tough. Constructed of durable ballistic nylon. The Wolfman bag features a 2-liter compartment for packing tools, snacks or other emergency rations. Wolfman says that its stable mounting base eliminates the problems typically encountered with tool bags that mount to the fender. A secure connection design makes it virtually impossible for the bag to flop around and fall off. Wolfman says that the Enduro Tool Bag paris perfectly with its Wolfy Tool Roll. Available here.

2. DirtWise Shane Watts In-Depth Instructional DVD 4 Pack, $94.95
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In this set of the DirtWise In-Depth Instructional DVD series, legendary off-road racer and riding coach Shane Watts breaks down the techniques that will allow you to conquer every trail situation you may be faced with–fFrom roosting through mud bogs, to skimming across sand whoops, nailing a deep corner rut, or ripping an epic two wheel drift. You’ll get four hours of high quality, detailed instruction on crossing monster logs and nasty rock gardens, pulling a wheelie, successfully making it to the other side of a deep river, conquering killer hill climbs, and managing to not tip over on those treacherous switchback corners on the edge of a cliff. Any off-road enthusiast, trail rider or racer can probably benefit by watching them, and that’s why they make the cut for our Gifts Priced $50-100 list. Available here.

1. Windzone Tool Kit, $99.95
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Nobody will ever turn up their nose if nice tool kit happens to land under their holiday tree. Windzone offers a nice one that has been equipped to offer typical trail-side or garage repairs in kit that makes our Gifts Priced $50-100 list. The kit contains hand wrenches, screwdrivers, allen and torx head wrenches, spark plug sockets, a ratchet, a flashlight and more. The metal tools are drop forged and chrome-plated tools for strength and durability, and they’re wrapped in a heavy-duty nylon tool wrap and vinyl moisture-sheath to keep them together for traveling. Kit includes: 1/2″ & 9/16″ open ended wrench; 3/8″ & 7/16″ open ended wrench; 5/8″ & 3/4″ open ended wrench; 10mm combination wrench; 3/8″ ratchet driver; 9 hex keys/allen wrenches; 7-piece torx set (T-10 – T-40); Phillips screwdrivers #1 & 2, small and large slotted; Spare turn/tail light bulb; Locking pliers; Tire pressure gauge; Electrical wire; Electrical tape; Flashlight with battery; 5/8″ spark plug socket; 13/16″ spark plug socket; Spark plug gap gauge. Available here.