DirtBikes.com 2016 Holiday Gift Guide–Gifts Priced $50-$100

A list of 10 dirtbike gift ideas that will show them you’re frugal but not cheap.


Knobby-Knife-11-22-201610. Knobby Knife, $64.95
We’ve called out the Knobby Knife in the past, and we still think it is a great gift idea because it can help save you money. The Knobby Knife restores knobby lugs that have been rounded off by allowing the user to get them back into square and sharp shape. The electric-powered knife features a 100-watt heating element that heats the tip to over 500 degrees, hot enough to carve through rubber like it’s a holiday bird. The Knobby Knife’s patent-pending blade is made of high-quality tool steel for durability’s sake. The manufacturer claims that Knobby Knife users can get as much as five times more life out of a knobby tire before it needs to be replaced. It’s almost, but not quite, the gift that keeps on giving.
Knobby Knife

AO-Cooler-11-22-20169. AO Coolers Carbon Cooler, $89.95 (24-pack), $99.95 (36-pack)
Yeah, we know, for some of you in the rust belt, seeing a cooler under the tree in the dead of winter is like adding insult to injury. But fear not. Spring will be back around soon, and then there won’t be anything much cooler than AO Cooler’s Carbon Cooler (yeah, we saw what we did there too). The Carbon Cooler is available in multiple sizes, but we’re focusing on the 24-pack and 36-pack models. These soft-sided coolers are claimed to pack twice the insulation of competitive coolers, and they’re guaranteed to hold ice for 24 hours in 120-degree weather. They also feature a leak-proof liner and a convenient side pocket that can be sealed to keep dry items dry. Or, if you really want to ride and feel the need to head out to your local snowcross or ice race, the Carbon Cooler can keep things warm as well. It also meets airplane carry-on requirements. Pretty cool!
AO Coolers

klim-military-hoodie-11-22-20168. Klim Military Hoodie, $69.99
In the relatively short time it has been around, Klim has established itself as a premier manufacturer of technical off-road riding gear and other apparel. Klim’s Military Hoodie allows wearers to rock the brand off when off the trail as well. The 80/20 cotton/poly fleece outer shell boasts a Sherpa lining for maximum warmth and button-down military style pockets for functional storage. Snap closures on the pockets are used to mimic military styling, and the hoodies is stitched together with Permacore thread for durability. The Klim Military Hoodie is available in sizes S-3XL and in colors Black or Blue.
Available through Motorcycle Superstore

Moto-Seat-Ribbed-Seat-Cover-11-22-20167. MotoSeat Ribbed Traction Seat Cover, $59.95
You can help your loved one personalize the look of his or her dirtbike and also gain a little traction for the ol’ tush by gifting one of Moto Seat’s Ribbed Traction seat covers. The U.S.A.-made Moto Seat cover features a grippy rubberized material that is designed to deliver superior traction even in wet conditions. It is double-stitched for durability and also features UV protection to keep it looking great for a long time.

Moto-Seat-Ribbed-Seat-Cover6. Renthal FatBars, $89.95
With a tapered design that moves from a 1 1/8 inch clamping area down to 7/8 inch bar ends, the Renthal FatBar will fit nicely in a stocking, but more importantly they add strength and rigidity to a dirtbike’s steering controls. The 5mm thick, 7020 T6 aluminum FatBar also eliminates the need for a cross brace. The bars are shot-peened anodized for excellent corrosion resistance, and they feature a laser-etched positioning graduation to help you figure what angle is most comfortable for you as well as knurled grip areas to increase the bond between the bars and the grips. FatBars are available in several bend patterns.

leatt-race-hf-2-hydration-pack-orange-black-11-22-20165. Leatt GPX Race HF 2.0 Hydration Pack, $79
Leatt has a whole lot more in its product lineup than just neck braces, and the all-new Leatt GPX Race HF 2.0 Hydration Pack is a perfect example. The lightweight but durable GPX Race HF 2.0 gets its name because it boasts 2 liters of fluid capacity to help keep a rider hydrated in warm weather or on long rides. The hydration feed line can be routed up to four different ways to tailor its comfort. The pack’s harness is adjustable to allow fitment over full body protection, and it integrates perfectly with Leatt’s neck braces. It also boasts an additional 1 liter of cargo storage and a digital camera mount.

Husqvarna-Chair-11-22-20164. Husqvarna Paddock Chair, $52.99
Give the Husqvarna fans in your life a nice place to sit with Husqvarna’s official paddock chair. The giant folding stool will allow them to show off their brand loyalty to one of the world’s most famous dirtbike marques by proudly displaying the famous Husqvarna logo. The chair is constructed of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent metal, and it comes with a protective sack for easy transport. Holiday spirit and team spirit all rolled up into one!
Available through Rocky Mountain ATV-MC.com

Polisport-Bike-Stand-11-22-20163. Polisport Folding Bike Stand, $78.95
Bike stands are great for propping up dirtbikes that don’t have sidestands, but they’re notoriously bulky and take up a not insignificant amount of space when not in use. Polisport has engineered a way around that dilemma with its folding bike stand. The injection-molded polypropylene stand features a durable injection-molded rubber to provide ample traction to your bike’s frame rails or skid plate. Despite its light weight, the Polisport stand is plenty stout, capable of holding motorcycles up to 550 lbs., yet when not in use it quickly and easily folds up for easy storage in your shop or truck.
Available through Rocky Mountain ATV-MC.com

Moto-Products-Layover-Stand-11-22-20162. Troy Lee Designs SE LTD Team Jersey, $65
Make the KTM fan in your life feel like a factory star by gifting them with the Troy Lee Designs SE LTD Team jersey. Based on TLD’s SE platform the LTD Team jersey is designed with performance, function and durability in mind. It features a ventilated polyester mesh back and sleeves with sewn-in elbow padding, and TLD’s signature gel print tail to keep the jersey tucked into riding pants. Its four-way stretch collar and cuffs provide unrestricted comfort, and its sublimated graphics are identical to the livery worn by the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM team. Available in sizes S-
Troy Lee Designs

1. Motorsport Products Lay-Over Stand, $66.95
Washing your bike’s undercarriage is most effective when you can lay the machine over. Some riders are willing to lay the machine completely on its side, which works but can also cause damage to the end of your handlebar grip, your fork tubes and possibly cause a fuel spillage. You can also use your bike stand if you have one, but the same rule applies as far as grip and fork damage go.

That’s what makes Motorsport Products’ Lay-Over Stand such a neat item. It’s a simple and convenient way to put your bike in the proper leaning position for easy undercarriage washing or maintenance on skid plates, chain guides and the like. The patent-pending, heavy-duty aluminum stand is fully adjustable from 14 inches to 20 inches, and it features a grip cradle to keep from tearing your bike’s grip. Its stainless steel hardware and silver-anodized finish inhibit rust, which means it can handle repeated power washings. Or you could just wrap it in lights and garland to make it a holiday tree.
Motorsport Products