New Taco Trail 100 Highlights Taco Minibike Line of Retro Cool Minibikes

Say hello to the newest Taco minibike model, the Taco Trail 100, which shows that retro can still be cool no matter how old you are.

When we put together our list of the 10 Coolest Minibikes of All Time, we knew that the Taco minibike had to be on it somewhere. What we didn’t know was that Taco Minibike is still developing new models based on its time-honored designs that were introduced way back in the 1960s.

Taco minibike
Taco Minibikes has announced a new model within its 100B line of retro minibikes, the Taco Trail 100. PHOTOS COURTESY OF TACO MINIBIKES.

Just yesterday, Taco announced that it is introducing a new Taco minibike, the Trail 100, which it calls a new line within the company’s Taco 100B family of mini machines. Taco currently manufactures three basic models, the Taco 100B, the Taco 22 and the Taco Frijole. Each model captures the spirit and flavor of the earliest days of minibike riding and racing, which has roots in both motorcycle racing and kart racing.

The company says that the Trail 100 is the perfect camping, fishing, hunting bike and, perhaps best of all, it is a complete turnkey machine from Taco rather than a kit. There is nothing to assemble. All you do is add gas and ride.

Taco minibike
Old-school cool: The Taco Trail 100 is powered by a 212cc, 6.5-horsepower Predator four-stroke engine.

The Taco Trail 100 is powered by an air-cooled, carbureted, 212cc, 6.5-horsepower Predator four-stroke engine that is housed in what Taco calls the proven 100B chassis, which features a cool-looking leading link fork and twin outboard shock absorbers. The Trail 100’s mag wheels sport a billet look, adding to the cool factor of this particular Taco minibike. Other features include a chrome-moly handlebar, custom cables and an RK-brand 420 chain.

Aesthetically speaking, the Taco Trail 100 is also unique within the 100B Taco minibike line by virtue of its genuine RealTree seat fabric. The Trail 100 can be had in two color choices, Cami Green (as shown) and Desert Beige.

Taco minibike
The Taco Trail 100 sports four shock absorbers as part of its suspension package, thanks to its leading-link front suspension.

Taco is offering the Trail 100 for an introductory price of $1895 plus shipping, a $400 discount from the Trail 100’s $2295 MSRP. Buyers can also purchase the Trail 100 at Taco’s Southern California headquarters.

For more information on the Taco Trail 100, email [email protected]. For more information on other Taco minbike models, such as the Taco 22 and the Taco Frijole, visit