10 Cool Moto Dad T-Shirts We’d Love to See at the Track

Thanks to Braap Industries, here are 10 cool T-shirts that any Moto Dad would be proud to wear. Show pride in your dirtbike kid!

Face it. Our sport fashionable. How many dirtbike addicts do you know who don’t cruise around most of the time, wearing a hat or a shirt proudly proclaiming their madness for all things moto? We know a Moto Dad or two who doesn’t, and this one’s for them.

Way back, we ran a list of 10 Moto T-Shirts We’d Wear. Well, now we’re back with some more. Only this time our list celebrates more than just dirtbike style. This one celebrates the family bond that permeates our sport and makes it as cool as it is. Granted, that same bond can be found in stick-and-ball sports too, but we like to think that there’s something more going on between moto dads (and moms) in the two-wheeled world. It isn’t likely that parents who don’t share a traditional love affair with motorcycles will just up and sign their kid in at next weekend’s local amateur motocross. There’s a different level of commitment when it comes to dirtbikes in our opinion.

So here’s a neat top-10 list of cool t-shirts from Braap Industries that celebrates the dad/kid relationship that exists in dirtbikes. We can’t think of a better way for a dad to show off his pride in his moto-ridig rugrats.

10. Moto Dad International-ish
This one pays homage to one of the most popular and greatest championship-winning aftermarket parts and accessory manufacturers in the dirtbike world. Dad, if you wear this shirt, maybe your kid could end up riding for them one day. Now, how’d that be?
Moto Dad