2018 Greensboro Arenacross: Faith Wins Another One

Gavin Faith claims his third win of the 2018 AMSOIL Arenacross Championship season in the 2018 Greensboro Arenacross in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Gavin Faith clinched a third 250AX Victory at the 2018 Greensboro Arenacross, round 4 of 2018 AMSOIL Arenacross Championship. Heath Harrison landed the Lites East class victory and the points lead. Here is the official word from the AMSOIL Arenacross Championship:


2018 Greensboro Arenacross
Gavin Faith (center) celebrates his 2018 Greensboro Arenacross win. PHOTO: ARENACROSS.COM.


GREENSBORO, N.C., (January 28, 2018) – A packed coliseum hosted Round 4 in Greensboro, North Carolina where fans saw two different Main Event winners in the 250AX Class. The overall win went to Team Babbitt’s Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Gavin Faith after his win in the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Head 2 Head Challenge broke the tie between Faith and teammate Jacob Hayes. The challenge is a special one-on-one elimination bracket competition in which competitors face off against one another in a two-lap sprint race with the winning rider receiving a championship bonus point counted toward the event total for that evening.
The first 250AX Main Event saw Greensboro native Jacob Hayes lead the majority of the first 2018 Greensboro Arenacross main event with Faith and TiLube Rockford Fosgate Honda’s Chris Blose close behind. Toward the end of the race, on lap 10, the leaders started getting into lapped traffic, forcing Hayes not to jump the catapult. Faith was able to complete the jump, took over the lead and grabbed the first Main Event win ahead of Blose who finished third.
The second 2018 Greensboro Arenacross 250AX Main Event saw Hayes take the holeshot and lead all 15 laps to take the second Main Event win. Faith finished close behind in second with Blose finishing third. The overall finish determined based on Faith’s victory over Blose in the Head 2 Head Challenge. 
In the Lites East Class Main Event, Road to Supercross rider Carter Halpain pulled the holeshot and led the first half of the Main Event until a mishap stalled his bike after the whoops. Heath Harrison took over the lead and Halpain was able to quickly recover and finish second ahead of Tanner Stack who finished his first race of the season up on the box.
2018 AMSOIL Arenacross Championship
2018 Greensboro Arenacross
Greensboro, Coliseum
Greensboro, North Carolina
Results: January 27-28, 2018
250AX Class Main Event Results
1. Gavin Faith, Duncombe, Iowa, Kawasaki (2-1)
2. Jacob Hayes, Greensboro, North Carolina, Kawasaki (1-4)
3. Chris Blose, Phoenix, Arizona, Honda (3-2)
4. Gared Steinke, Woodland, California, Kawasaki (4-3)
5. Shane Sewell, Westville, Indiana, Kawasaki (6-7)
6. Jacob Williamson, Swartz Creek, Michigan, Kawasaki (5-5)
7. Kyle Bitterman, West Pelzer, South Carolina, Kawasaki (7-6)
8. Justin Rodbell, Prince Frederic, Md.,Yamaha (8-DNS)
9. Daniel Herrlein, Bethesda, Ohio, KTM (9-DNS)
10. Wilson Fleming, Cairo, Ga., Yamaha (12-8)
250AX Class Championship Standings
1. Gavin Faith, Duncombe, Iowa, Kawasaki (97/3 wins)
2. Jacob Hayes, Greensboro, North Carolina, Kawasaki (93/1 win)
3. Chris Blose, Phoenix, Arizona, Honda (84)
4. Daniel Herrlein, Bethesda, Ohio, KTM (65)
5. Gared Steinke, Woodland, California, Kawasaki (60)
6. Jacob Williamson, Swartz Creek, Michigan, Kawasaki (54)
7. Shane Sewell, Westville, Indiana, Kawasaki (53)
8. Kyle Bitterman, West Pelzer, South Carolina, Kawasaki (49)
9. TJ Albright, Mount Marion, New York, KTM (33)
10. Travis Sewell, Westville, Indiana (31)
AX Lites East Class Main Event Results

1. Heath Harrison, Silverhill, Ala., Honda
2. Carter Halpain, Lubbock, Texas, Yamaha
3. Tanner Stack, Shawnee, Kan., Yamaha
4.TJ Albright, Mount Marion, N.Y., KTM
5. Hunter Hilton, Youngsvilla, La., Kawasaki
6.Isaac Teasdale, Robbinsville, N.C., Kawasaki
7. Jake McKinney, Hamersville, Ohio, Kawasaki
8.Tanner Ward, Woodstock, Ontario, KTM
9. Mason Kerr, Altoona, Iowa, Kawasaki
10. Jyire Mitchell, Devonshire, Bermuda, Yamaha

AX Lites East Class Championship Standings

1. Heath Harrison, Silverhill, Alabama, Honda (55)
2. Isaac Teasdale, Robbinsville, North Carolina, Kawasaki (52)
3. Garrett Marchbanks, Coalville, Utah, Kawasaki (47)
4. Josh Mosiman, Menifee, California, Husqvarna (28)
5. TJ Albright, Mount Marion, New York, KTM (26)
6.Jeremy Hand, Mantua, Ohio, Honda (21)
7.Tanner Ward, Woodstock, Ontario, KTM
8.Carter Halpain, Lubbock, Texas, Yamaha (15)
9.Tanner Stack, Shawnee, Kan., Yamaha (14)
10. Jake McKinney, Hamerville, Ohio, Kawasaki (14)

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