TM Designworks Rear Brake Caliper Protector Kit for Beta

TM Designworks is offering this Rear Brake Caliper Protector Kit for Beta dirtbikes. The beefy unit is designed to fit 2011-18 Beta RR/RS 125-500 models.

The following is from TM Designworks:

The Italian Beta continues to be a solid choice for dirtbike riding and racing, and the TM Designworks Rear Brake Caliper Protector Kit is a new all-in-one kit that can help you get your Beta ready for battle.

TM Designworks

The lower disc guard is made from TMD’s impact-absorbing plastic and is paired with a lightweight aluminum caliper carrier that is claimed to improve overall brake pedal feedback and braking power. The disc guard won’t bend or twist like aluminum guards during heavy impacts or easy tip overs. This is the only disc protector to provide front and side edge protection while air slots cool the disc and disperse dirt under the toughest conditions.

The lower disc guard is available in red, blue, and black and fits all Beta RR/RS 125-500 models years 11-18.

About TM Designworks
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