2018 Beta Race Edition Models: Italian Steeds with a Little Something Extra

Beta announces its 2018 Beta Race Edition two-strokes and four-strokes, limited-production models that mimic the factory team machines.

Beta has released word of the special Beta Race Edition versions of its two-stroke and four-stroke off-road models.

The Beta Race Edition models are developed separately through the Beta Race division and bear a closer kinship with the factory machines ridden by FIM Enduro World Champion Steve Holcombe and Beta USA factory team riders Max Gerston and Jordan Ashburn. According to Beta, the 2018 Race Edition models will be available in 250cc and 300cc two-stroke versions and in 350cc 390cc 430c and 480cc four-stroke versions

The Beta Race Editon models benefit from a host if improvements over the standard production models from which they’re derived. The Race Edition Betas receive a new, more compact and lighter clutch that is claimed to improve feel and precision, and to remain more consistent as within its temperature range. One thing that we like to hear is that the new clutch is also claimed to be more progressive-feeling. Since the clutch is smaller, the clutch cover is also smaller than the one found on the production Betas. The Beta Race Edition models also do away with the kickstart lever. Beta says that its electric starter is now more reliable, so the lever can be 86’d to remove unnecessary weight, but the kickstarter can still be fitted if a rider wants it.

Beta Race Edition
2018 Beta RR Race Edition 250/300

Digging deeper, the Beta Race Edition transmission also boasts a new gear change system via an updated star wheel and detent mechanism that is claimed to improve shifting precision. Beta has also updated the airbox and fitted a new cylinder that is claimed to deliver increased horsepower and torque throughout the rev range. The 300cc two-stroke additionally receives a rounded piston and cylinder head profile that is claimed to alter the power delivery for more tractability. The 250cc version also gets increased compression for more power.A redesigned crank is stiffer and helps to limit engine vibration, and it is fitted with a new rod with a revised big-end bearing area that is claimed to improve durability. Both two-stroke models also benefit from revised power valve timing that is optimized to offer better power delivery with a new primary drive ratio.

Beta has also revised the chassis on the Race Edition models by redesigning the front of the frame for better flex while maintaining the desired torsional rigidity. The chassis is also lighter than the production models, thanks to the revised air box and a lighter and slimmer rear subframe.

Other Beta Race Edition improvements include:
-A Lithium battery that is lighter, more powerful and more reliable.
-A new skid plate with improved fastener accessibility for quicker removal.
-A new muffler heat shield that offers better heat protection for the rider’s leg.
-Takasago Excel rims with a new black finish specifically designed for Beta.

Beta Race Edition models are also equipped with:
-A quick release front wheel pin that speeds up tire repairs, saving precious seconds in race situations.
-Vertigo hand guards with tough “In-Mold” graphics.
-Black aluminum footrests that are light, beefy and boast a broader contact patch.
-A rear sprocket with an anodized aluminum core and steel teeth.
-Billet aluminum chain tensioner blocks.
-A racing seat with pocket.
-Black anodized shift/brake levers.
-Red anodized Transmission oil, engine oil and oil filter caps.
-Special Race Edition graphics and rim decals.

Beta Race Edition
2018 Beta RR Race Edition 350/390/430/480

The biggest change to the four-stroke Beta Race Edition models has to be the introduction of dual injectors to its EFI system for more precise throttle response. The dual-injecton system features dedicated maps for each engine displacement. The system is claimed to increase engine mid-range and top-end performance while also increasing fuel mileage.

In addition to the chassis changes, the Beta Race Edition four-strokes also gain the new clutch and new gear change system, and they lose the kickstarter as well. Four-stroke Race Edition Betas also receive a revised muffler that is designed to improve low-end power. The four-strokes also receive the new Lithium battery, a new muffler heat shield and Takasago Excel rims.

Suspension duties for the Beta Race Edition models are handled by a 48mm Sachs closed-cartridge fork with a new, lighter, redesigned slider. Out back, the Sachs shock features revised valving to work in concert with the chassis changes. The Race Edition models also get a black anodized triple clamp and red fork tubes.

Two-stroke Beta Race Edition models also do away with the production models’ oil-injection system, shaving precious weight from the overall package. Beta says that this is done in compliance with requests from Beta racers, but the oil-injection system can easily be fitted if the customer wants it.

Beta RR Race Edition models are low-production. According to Beta, the first shipments will arrive at dealers in December.

2018 Beta Two-Stroke Race Edition*
250 RR Race $8950
300 RR Race $8950

2018 Beta Four-Stroke Race Edition*
350 RR Race $9699
390 RR Race $9799
430 RR Race $9899
480 RR Race $9999

*Prices exclude $379.00 destination charge, sales tax, and other dealer license fees. For more information, visit www.betausa.com.